ToR- Taste of Recovery with RASASC NW

ToR- Taste of Recovery with RASASC NW

New Online Support!

Taste of Recovery with RASASC NW is a new online guided self-help programme that you can complete in your own time and your own pace.

The programme has been developed by Emily Jacob of ReConnected Life in response to her own personal experience of sexual trauma. The programme aims to help you to identify the effects of sexual trauma, to develop coping strategies and to improve your emotional wellbeing.

Taste of Recovery with RASASC NW self-help programme includes :

  • 15 short daily sessions to support you in your recovery from sexual trauma that can help you to work through and understand any questions, confusions and emotions you may be experiencing and help you to reclaim your sense of control, rebuild self-worth and learn to heal.
  • Almost 4 hours of video content – also available as audio-only downloads
  • Over 40 different techniques or tips
  • 3 x downloadable and printable workbooks
  • Creation of your own safe place meditation with personalised mantra
  • Daily wellbeing practices
  • Lifetime access to the learning

How do I access Taste of Recovery with RASASC NW?

Taste of recovery is available and free of charge to all over 16 years who have had an assessment . To request an assessment please contact the office on 01248 670 628, email us on or contact us with our online enquiry form

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