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Reading Well Books on Prescription - Mental Health – this collection was launched in June 2019 and all books are available from the 9 main Libraries in Gwynedd and in Libraries across Wales. People can borrow the books freely from their library and there are no fines attached to the books on this list if the are late being returned. - click here

Better with Books / Llyfrau Llesol – the 2016 list for children, young people and families that you are familiar with.
Welsh List – click here
English List - click here

Help Llaw Mewn Llyfr/ Helping Hand Books – a list Gwynedd Libraries have put together – but this is not an expert recommended or peer reviewed list. More of what’s available. - click here

The lists have links from the Gwynedd Libraries web pages – click here (Welsh) OR click here


A Terrible Thing Happened – Margaret Holmes - This gently told illustrated story featuring animal characters is for children who have witnessed any kind of violent or traumatic episode including physical abuse, gang violence, accidents, murder, suicide and natural disasters such as floods or fire. American publication.


Abuse: Sometimes families hurt – Yvonne Coppard - Ideal discussion resource for KS3/4. Sections on alcohol and drug dependency, mental health, domestic violence etc.


Child Abuse – Pete Sanders - Topic book.


Hurting Inside – Lois Arnold, Anne Magill - A guide for young people who are in distress, because of sexual, physical or emotional abuse or neglect of any kind.


Out in the open: a guide for young people who have been sexually abused - Ouainé Bain & Maureen Sanders


Tell someone it happened to me – Nancy Flowers - A simple book stressing the importance of how to respond to wrong behaviour, by telling someone and not feel bad.


What’s Wrong With Bottoms? - Jenny Hessell & Mandy Nelson - A young boy faces unwelcome advances from an uncle, and decides to tell mum.


Whisper – Ruby C. Waddell - A story written for very young children, and aimed at parents and guardians to raise awareness about allowing children to be open with their thoughts and not keep secrets. In the story, Gemini has a secret. Not knowing what to do, she keeps this secret from everyone. The story shows the consequences of Gemini’s actions and the effect this has on her. The nature of the secret is not mentioned, to allow children to relate to it and their own experiences.

Mental Health Book List For Wales - click here


If you are a child or young person or a someone who has concerns for them , you may find the following resources helpful:

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