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Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre (Rasasc), North Wales provides information, specialist support and therapy to anyone aged 3 and over who has experienced any kind of sexual abuse or violence. We will support you whether this happened recently or in the past. We can also provide specialist support and therapy to partners and family members of those who have been affected by sexual abuse and violence.

Our service is non-judgemental, confidential and free of charge. There are exceptions to confidentiality where the safety of children or vulnerable adults is concerned, but we will explain these to you when we meet.

Our head office is in Bangor and we offer our services from a variety of locations. We do our best to ensure you will not have to travel very far to get support.

We have a number of different venues available across the 6 counties of North Wales:


Although RASASC North Wales is an independent Registered Charity, we work closely alongside other agencies both statutory and voluntary. Our aim is to help you find the most suitable help and support for your particular needs.

RASASC NW are members of BACP and work according to the BACP Guidelines. RASASC NW counsellors are also registered members of BACP or an equivalent body, working in accordance to BACP Guidelines as required in our policies and procedures. Further information on RASASC NW governance, strategy and finance can be found on the Charity commission website here.

We have achieved Rape Crisis England and Wales, Survivors Trust Cymru and Welsh Womens Aid service standards.

Registered charity no. 1057159

Office: 01248 670 628 | Email:

The Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre North Wales aims to be a recognised organisation providing independent specialist support to enable adults and children to work through their experience of rape and/or sexual violence. Trained volunteers are integral to service provision.

Whilst RASASC NW recognise that sexual violence is a crime of violence and abuse of power, we also recognise that it is often the cause and consequence of gender inequality. Considering this inequality one of RASASC NW’s major purpose is to deliver services to women and girls.

The group shall be known as the Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre, North Wales.


The group is established to provide specialist support services to anyone in the area of North Wales who has experienced any form of sexual violence. Its purpose is to provide a confidential listening service, counselling, information and support service; to advance the education of the public in the subject of rape and sexual abuse and their effects be they physical, medical, psychological or social.

Whilst RASASC NW recognises that sexual violence is a crime of violence and abuse of power, we also recognise that it is often the cause and consequence of gender inequality.

Whilst adopting this feminist perspective RASASC NW recognise that the woman is never to blame for being abused. As a reflection of this and to promote substantive equality we provide women-only spaces, which ensures that our service is available and accessible to all women across North Wales.

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