Independent Sexual Violence Advocate (ISVA)

What is an ISVA?

An ISVA is an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor; a trained specialist who offers non-judgemental, practical and emotional support to survivors of sexual abuse. It is the ISVA’s role to work with survivors and help them access other support services and address long and short term needs.

What can an ISVA do to help?

We listen, We believe and We support. The client and the ISVA together can assess your needs and develop a plan for your safety and wellbeing.

An ISVA Provides you with impartial information to enable you to make choices

Refer and can liaise closely with other agencies involved

Accompany you to important appointments

Support your next steps after the legal process

Ensure you are supported throughout the criminal justice process

Explain the police process, the Criminal Justice Process and what to expect if you choose to report.

Our Ethos at RASASC

All workers and volunteers who work for RASASC hope to provide a safe space for you to discuss your thoughts and feelings, free from judgements and advice giving. We respect your right to arrive at your own decisions and work with you to find the path that best suits you and your values.

How can I access the ISVA service?

To refer to the ISVA service or find out more about the service please call our office on 01248 670 628 or complete an online referral form.


Your ISVA will explore with you, your expectations and needs are from the ISVA service.

ISVA Appointments/sessions

ISVA Appointments will be discussed and arranged with you to best suit your needs. The ISVA process will be reviewed on a regular basis. This is just to make sure that it is beneficial to the client and that we are the most appropriate service for the client

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